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Join RegNow Affiliate, Earn 50% Commission

How Does It Work

Viobo offers big profit to our RegNow affiliates. To ensure there’s no commission leakage, we provide following three securities.

1.Direct Purchase Link
Simply place special Viobo Buy Now links on your site! Every time a user accesses your site and purchases one of the Viobo products – we pay you a standard commission of 50%!

2. RegNow Trial Version Download
To prevent any possible commission leakage, the RegNow-built trial version contains your affiliate information. Once visitors download the version on their computers, whenever they make the purchase through this trial version, you will earn a commission.
You may choose to host Trial Version which includes your affiliate ID on your server, or just post the download link containing your affiliate ID on your site and let RegNow host the download.
See detailed process instruction here.

3. Cookie-based Marketing Resource Link
When visitors click on any marketing resource you post, eg, some boxshot, an internet cookie will be placed on their computers. This cookie stores your affiliate information for six months. Whether your visitors purchase our products at the time of their initial visits, or return to our site within 6 months to make a purchase, as long as the cookie is still on their computers you will earn a commission on the sale.

Join Our RegNow Affiliate

If you have not join RegNow affiliate system, please feel free to sign up.

Get Buy Now and Download Link

Note: Replace **** by your affiliate ID and post links on your site.

Products Price Commission    RegNow ID Links
Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Data Migrator USD 49.95 50% 22491-1 Buy Now:****



Custom Build Setting

Copy download link above and replace **** by your affiliate ID. Open a webpage with that URL to download the custom build package.
Then you can host the trial version on your site, which has included the affiliate ID, so you’ll not lose any commission, whether visitors buy the product on your site or buy it through the purchase link in the program.
Zum Beispiel:
Suppose your affiliate ID is 12345, replace **** in
“****” by 12345, then download the file. You’ll get a custom-built trial version of Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Data Migrator. The purchase access in this version leads buyers to RegNow site and contains your affiliate ID. That’s how you get affiliate commission through RegNow custom-built trial version.

Get Marketing Resource

Note: Replace **** by your affiliate ID and post material with links on your site.